Monday, January 01, 2007

Disco Fever

This morning I found big clumps of BROWN hair in the bathroom trash can. Someone gave them self a haircut this morning. At first I thought it might be Sawyer hair but there was too much. Then I found a spiky part on the back of Shane's head. Luckily you can't see his haircut you can just feel it.Shane somehow has picked up some kind of Dance Addiction. He is constantly moving, dancing and wiggling. Every times he hears any type of music or beat going on he turns into a dancing freak. Last night we went over to a friends house and he had a blast dancing to music. They have a BIG disco ball and it was hilarious to watch them all dancing. Matthew got the same disco ball for Christmas but his is much smaller. They got the disco ball and the black light out tonight and had a mini dance party, until laughing at each other with the black light won out.

Yellow Teeth my favorite

Look we are all covered in dust

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