Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jumping for Joy

Colby James
Okay so we got another jumping thing to add to our collection. It was a pain to put together. Ted was not impressed. After how much energy he saw they used jumping on it, he thought it was a good thing. Hey one more thing to take all that energy out on. Now that I believe it is official I can share Colby's good news. We are all Potty Trained! Yeah! Colby started this on his own a little after our November Disney Trip. He has been potty training for a while (Since before he was two) but for some reason after November he did great. I wasn't very consistant since he has had his potty sitting out since he was 18 months. After Christmas he has just done well on his own. He did it by himself and he hasn't had any relapses or accidents in a month or longer. 9I know that we will probably have some of these eventually) We just started taking him out in underwear THIS WEEK instead of putting him in pullups. I bought underwear in the beginning of December but he didn't really start wearing in until the middle of December. (Me again but his pullups were always dry) I am still in shock since he got this so much quicker than his brothers. Matthew and Shane were potty trained with number 1 for a long time until they got number two. Like it took them alot longer months and months later for the second step. We are SOOO proud of him.

Jumping is fun and it makes me tired hopefully

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