Friday, January 12, 2007

Where can I buy more time

Hmm interresting blog
Catching up on Blog reading

Third try and getting them both to look at the camera
Posing on Slide Platform

Shooting birds in a Air Force outfit
Trying to figure out what to do for Matthew's upcoming birthday in between 2 Boy Scout camping trips, a week long school trip, a moms retreat, and Ted's birthday, I need to get a little more time. If I had only thought ahead last weekend we could be having a party this weekend. We have a few plans but we will have to see what pans out. We just might be celebrating with friends in March (No kidding) In the meantime the second half of the school year is in FULL swing, and I am swinging. LOL! We just have alot of things coming up and we still have schoolwork to do, in between all of it. We've managed to fit in playdates and stay at home days too, so we are doing great. Today was a stay at home day, and some friends came over to play too. Ted picked the boys up some Putty for boys yesterday. Matthew came outside and freaked out our neighbors with his putty. They thought he was sick or something. Check out our Flickr pictures to see them playing with the putty.

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