Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shrimp, books etc...

New Minnetonka Moccasins
I cheated and posted pictures I took last night after I already put the other pictures on the blog. I was too busy today doing stuff, and I wasn't home to get any pictures. As you can see these guys really like to get in costumes and pretend. Its a pain to pick up different outfits and help them change all the time, but they enjoy it so much. Right now I'm letting them keep a mounded up pile of outfits in their room. I have no better way of keeping them easy to get to. I'm trying to come up with a solution but I don't have any good ones yet. Oops forgot his hat earlier Matthew and I went out to look for some new clothes for him and then we got to go to the library by ourselves. He found a few books he wanted and I got the other guys a whole bunch I knew they would enjoy. Train books for Colby, and Cowboy and lots of Adventure books for Shane. I also picked up some bug books that have great pictures. This evening we went out to a nice seafood resturant on the water, and had a nice time. So I never got around to getting any pictures.

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