Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Hairodynamics ...so it looks like Shane cut off a little bit more than I realized. Yesterday I just didn't notice. He did manage to cut some of his bangs, but it could be alot worse. I don't think most people would even notice. Today we didn't even realize at first because Colby was really sick this morning. I had a weird bit of a virus with a really strong major headache last night that lasted a couple of hours. It hurt so bad my stomach felt sick too. So back to Colby and his morning. He woke up and did his normal potty thing and then he climbed in bed with us (Which is a little weird) Then after we all got up he started screaming his head off (Which is very normal) I happened to think maybe I should ask him if something was wrong. His lips were gray or some weird color combination but not what they should have been. When Matthew or Shane's lips get like that its usually a throw up virus. He then told me his mouth was hot, and then said I have to go to the bathroom. We put him on the toilet and I told Ted wow he is really sick. He never did use the toilet. He cried I need medicine and held his Nemo blanket to his mouth. (Which still hurt) We put a pallet down in the bathroom because I knew he would eventually need to throw up or something. Well he laid on the floor of the bathroom for awhile and his eyes were weird and he was extremely tired. We started asking him questions, like what did you eat. Even though he looked weird he answered all of our questions normally. We finally put him in our bedroom on the floor (I thought this would be a big THROW UP MESS mistake) He slept for an hour and then woke up very hungry and kept asking for food all day. We fed him (Me all the time thinking he was going to throw it all up) He looks really sick now (No white lips anymore but he is pale and his eyes are puffy and sicky looking) If this is how he takes a throw up virus (I'll take it) Even though I was really scared this morning thinking something other than a virus. Matthew gets sick like this and has one episode of throw up and maybe a few bathroom times and then he is done, Shane on the other hand is sick two days, and then better then sick again until almost a week has gone by. Then it takes him a few days (last time 2 weeks) to bounce back (Which I should be thankful for since he is always NON STOP) Hopefully Colby will be the one and only to get this weird sickness besides me. So all the people we played with and saw over the past few days (Even Yesterday) I guess Colby might have passed germs on to you all.

Shears to you


K A R I™ said...

I hope Colby feels better soon! The pictures of Shane and sawyer are cute. I can't really tell Shane "got a haircut"

Lindsay said...

Shanes hair looks fine to me, normal messed up boy hair, like Ean's.
Poor Colby boy, I hate the awful sickness. Coughs and runny noses ad colds I can take, but not the "crud".