Friday, September 30, 2005


Ted and Matthew are camping AGAIN! It is a hiking trip, in Florida. Matthew loves to hike, and Ted just likes to go camping. They both should have a wonderful time. I went to my sale and got stuff. Two more laserdiscs for our collection. For those of you who don't know what laserdiscs are check out this link ----> Laserdiscs

We also got a Childs Cowboy boot shaped chair, Pajamas, and few odds and ends. In other news Colby loves his cousin Lucas! He calls him Lutas. Today Lucas and his mom Kari were over and we had to leave to drop of the camping guys. When we got back and Colby saw that they were no longer here he said oh Lutas bye bye. Then Shane walked in and Colby said Hane Lutas bye bye. Since it was Aggies birthday this month she has gotten money and is so happy. Now she gets to go out and choose something. In the box that Aunt Dean sent Aggie's bday presents, she had some Halloweeny type gifts for the kids. Matthew got teeth, Shane a necklace, and Colby a fiberoptic flashlight. And of course she sent everyone a GLOW IN THE DARK Pez.


Kari said...

i was just thinking "what is wrong with matthew's teeth... then I remembered oh yeah he got teeth" lol

weathergirl05 said...

What laserdisc did you get? I am thinking of going to the sale tomorrow with Tripp and Sarah. I am looking for a chest to store toys in for the living room.

Anonymous said...

I'm related to these good looking people?????!!!!! WOW!