Monday, September 05, 2005


Here are a few snapshots of everyone enjoying their Labor day. We had a picnic at Ted's parents house. They had lots of food there and the weather was great. We ate those Georgia Boiled Peanuts, Ted made yesterday. For those of you who didn't know in the south they boil their peanuts. Weird, YES!!! I thought so too. I eat them along with the rest of the family, but I know what you non-southerners are thinking. I was thinking it too, until I got used to them I guess. I hope everyone else had a good Labor day too. I guess this is somewhat the official end to summer. BOO HOO I am sad to see it go. I felt like I didn't even get a real chance to enjoy this summer. Okay so I am whining. I do realize that we still have several months of pleasant weather (Not counting the gnats) ahead of us. Soon the kids will be spending afternoons in the sand box, on the soccer field etc. I know I shouldn't complain. I am sure we will enjoy the time when the weather starts to cool, and before it gets too cold. I will be posting an update on the garage in the form of a slideshow after I get all of the pictures loaded. I tried to have it ready last night, but the internet went down. Here is the link to the slideshow. I hope it works CLICK Me-->Garage pictures on Flickr I am sure some of you are wondering what point we are at since I said we've hardly gotten anything done. Don't forget you can always click on each picture to see a larger version of it.


Lindsay said...

looks like you had fun, I wish we could be there to spend time with everyone.

Kari said...

that is just such a sad thought that people outside of the south do not get to enjoy boiled peanuts! LOL We forgot to try any of them.