Saturday, September 24, 2005


We are again back at working on the renovation. We decided to declutter the living room. That is what the 2nd picture of this post is. It is only one wall of the living room.

I took lots of pictures of the clutter in the room, but decided not to bore you with our clutter. We are beginning to work on the small garage storage area. This is where we are going to put all of the clutter. This is good since the washer is leaking again, and we can't do too much in the new bedroom addition, until the plumber comes and fixes that pipe. We will eventually get it done, and as you can tell we aren't in any rush. Here is Shane at Soccer this morning, he really seems to like it.


Kari said...

what a cool picture of shane!

Kari said...

your new design looks so cool

Lori said...

That i such a great picture of shane!