Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long Weekend

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Ted has been busy working on the closet. Ted and Colby stayed home while Shane, Matthew and I went to Jessica's party this afternoon. I forgot to take my camera so there aren't any pictures. It was a the Local Y. They have an indoor playground with a zip line (Shane never tried).

When we got home we had some friends forget to tivo the latest Survivor episode so they came here and watched it. After they left to put their kids to bed, we got to enjoy the big tv and watched a documentary on Belize that was very interesting. They had a huge Mayan population and Mennanites have been living in Belize for 50 years and are the most successfull farmers.

I didn't get any pictures today except this one of Colby and Matches. (Everyone had just come home from getting haircuts{All but ME}) and then Colby and Matches started playing with the new pinwheel. I only got this one shot because Colby refused to go near Matches once he figured out that's what I wanted him to do. I guess that is what being 2 is all about.


Kari said...

who would have thought colby could be cute even without a head :)

Lindsay said...

I hear ya!

Stacy said...

I put some pix on the blog today of the party.
Who's having more fun, Matches?