Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I think tomorrow I will post one more day of Disney pictures and then save the rest of the pictures. I am going to put them on a seperate page for those of you who may want to see the rest. I don't want anyone to get sick of looking at our trip.

Matthew at Animal Kingdom with Expedition Everest behind him

Matthew at Epcot getting his BIRTHDAY present "Leave a Legacy Picture"

Matthew at MGM Studios


Kari said...

oh it is cool to see how they make the leave the legacy things and where he got his hat

Stacy said...

Neat. Almost looks like Matthew's wearing the huge blue & white hat in the background.

Linda Larrimore said...

Hey Matthew,
You look like you had a great time at Disney...I am so glad you get to have these great adventures with your family. It will mean alot to you when the time comes for you to remember at my age ( Gary and I were here when the dinosaurs roamed the earth)!
Thanks for sharing your life.
Ms. Linda