Friday, February 24, 2006


We had our small group at our house tonight, so it was my turn to watch the kids. Jessica didn't come tonight so she isn't in the picture. Here they are watching tv, for a brief moment before they got bored. I hopefully will have more time to post later, for now my tivoed Survivor is calling me.


Kari said...

that is one full bed... cute how they are all lined up at the foot of the bed :)

Linda's World Today said...

Cool looking Blog design...and lots of cute kids too.

I linked here from Lindsay's blog because I just HAD to see the Blog of the poster with that name!

Glad I to all.

another Moore Boys Grammie...


Kari said...

were there problems with your blog yesterday? I kept trying to view it and it would freeze up my computer... everyone elses loaded fine... i could view it using netscape and it was fine but for some reason explorer would freeze up like i said earlier... strange

Jessica Vera said...

AAAWWWWHHH! They look soooo cute! We are going to miss you guys! Thank-you for everything and we definetly have to keep in touch!