Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ted and Jeff (One of his friends we caught up with recently) spent some time instant messanging each other with our web cams last night. I caught this Screen Capture of them making weird faces. It is so easy to use a video camera or a web cam and talk with each other. Jeff just downloaded MSN last night, we tried to use AOL first but it has always given us problems. We have Yahoo and MSN for those of you who instant message. We have chatted with family to include Lindsay, Kari and Lori. Jeff called us before we chatted last night to get on instant messenger. If anyone else wants to see the kids or just to talk in real time email us and we will set up a time to get on.


Kari said...

I love MSN messenger the best! I also enjoyed talking to you unti 2AM hope you were able to function ok. Thank goodness Curt let me take a nap this evening while he took care of a certain screaming teething baby for almost an hour.

Lindsay said...

I miss talking to you guys!

Stacy said...

Lovely pictures?