Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tired Legs

The picture above is from day two of our impromptu weekend away to Disney. You could email this picture to friends. I always forget peoples email addresses, and you can only pick two and then you have people waiting in line behind you to make their picture. We all have sore feet, and tired legs but plenty of new memories. I will be posting more pictures throughout the week. Here are some more pictures from our last minute trip. These were taken by the Disney Photographers.

For the Disney Pictures CLICK HERE


Kari said...

the ones of colby hugging the incredibles are so adorable! Looks like you guys had fun... how does the photo thing work? Do you carry around a photo ID and the take pictures of you or something?

Lindsay said...

WOW- that's a lot of pictures! Looks like fun, I am so jealous I want to go!