Thursday, July 06, 2006


Today we spent most of the day trying to pick up the odds and ends leftover from our two recent trips. I think I'm just about finished picking up. I didn't get any pictures today, because I was busy straightening up and because of the rainstorms. I forgot I had video and pictures from July 4th, so I posted that for today. Also my Grandfather has Pneumonia and is on medications and my family is watching him close. They would like for him to go into the hospital just for 24 hours but he has relatives in town, and wants to stay home and visit with them.

Click here to watch a youtube clip of the fireworks finale.

Dad, are we at Disney World?

Waiting for Fireworks

Ah another close up my favorite

Matthew July 4th

I am standing still just for 2 secs.

Shane with hotel in background

I can see what Shane is doing behind my back

Funny face

This is Disney World isn't it?

Watching from the van rooftop