Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15th

See we aren't the only ones who have crocs! This is my friends purple croc.  One of her sons got the TREND going.
Velvet Ant

Doesn't he look like he's having fun

Lets go hit those hills again
I don't know what I like best dirt & rock throwing or riding?

We got to visit with some very good friends today. One of their sons rode Shane and Colby around all day long on his 4 wheeler. I know he was so tired but he kept riding and riding with them. I have to remember to thank him for being such a nice guy to the kids. Shane and Colby think these brothers are some of their best friends. I don't think they realize the 12 and 10 years in age difference. Matthew couldn't join in on all the fun because he was out having fun with other friends and he met up with us real late tonight as we were leaving. I have videos of them riding but won't have time to post them until sometime next week. We also put up a new gazebo Ted got for us this morning but I haven't even had a chance to take a picture of that yet either.


Kari said...

What nice guys

Stacy said...

Velvet ant--is that Adam's sister? har har

Glad y'all had fun.