Sunday, July 02, 2006

Laundry Day

Ah the joys of dirty Scout Camp laundry.... Just kidding. I don't think I have too much because Ted rode into town one day and did laundry at a laundrymat since it rained for 4 1/2 days of their camping trip. It also rained the WHOLE way to my dads house after I dropped them off. I drove in rain SOMETIMES hard (People had pulled over to the side of the road) the whole 240 miles. After I drove the same roads dry, I am so thankful I didn't see what I was driving on or remember I was driving the twisty mountain freeway. Whew it was SCARY!!!! In case you didn't know Ted and Matthew went to Boy Scout camp at Camp Raven Knob outside of Mount Airy, North Carolina. I dropped them off and headed to Lavalette, West Virginia (Located in between Huntington and Charleston) Here are just a few pictures from our TRIPS!!! I'm sure we will have more pictures to follow

Troop 47 (Ted stepped out of crowd to take the picture)

Ted at the top of Raven Knob Mountain

Matthew in the Boy Scout BUILT Jacuzzi

Dad, Shane, Colby, Me , Papaw Hood and Aggie

Papaw Hood and the boys


Lindsay said...

That is really scary driving in the rain. I am glad you had the opportunity to visit your family though. :-) AND.. we are glad you all are back safe

Stacy said...

Hi, Thanks for the update. Aggie looks great! (You all do, too, but I get to see you all the time, smile). Glad you all had fun, and safe driving in the rain. We had some intense rain last weekend when we went to Atlanta.

Kari said...

Cool Pictures. Mt. Airy is where the Andy Griffith Show was filmed (I'm sure you knew that already though)