Monday, July 03, 2006

July 2nd

I got an email from one of my Aunts today saying that my Grandfather (he is the Papaw Hood I took pictures of in the last post) has been sick since last week. He goes to the Dr. on Thursday. Since he has the condition with his lungs where he has to use oxygen 24 hours a day, being sick isn't good at all. Please pray for him. Thanks. As for all of us, Matthew wasn't home until 8 something today. He spent all day yesterday and all day today with one of his friends. Tomorrow will be Matthew's first day home in a LONG time. He worked with Ted and had lots of stuff going on before we left so he will probably be glad to be home. Today I caught up on unpacking a little, laundry, dishes (washing Sawyer) When he stays a while I have to wash him. They can wash him at the kennel but he doesn't like them too. He has gotten upset everytime they have tried to wash him so I just do it at home. He sits still for me and got all cleaned up and smelling good. Before and after sawyers bath we swam. When Ted got home he got in the pool too, and when Matthew got home he got in too. He only swam a little because Colby, Shane and I had been in for a long long while.

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Kari said...

Your Grandfather will be in our prayers