Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 5th

Yesterday Colby graduated out of his boat. Well he SORTA graduated. Shane kept using his white boat made out of styrofoam for a surf board. I've told him no before and I must have told him not to play with the boat 20 times on Monday. It left little tiny pieces of white styrofoam all over the pool. (I can't have little tiny pieces of styrofoam floating all over the pool everyday. I still haven't gotten all of it out It looks like the pool has dandruff) We've had an occasional piece here and there but nothing like Monday. So, I went out to get a new boat type thing, most places were closed since it was the 4th. I ended up getting something I thought might work and then when I got home I tried one of the floats we already had. I used this with Matthew years and years ago and gave it to a friend. I picked up one for Shane but, I can't remember if he ever used it. My favorite is the saftey seal and that one is supposed to be the best since you can take pads out of it. I have one in Colby's size and I am going to work our way into that instead of the tire suit. Shane's saftey seal is demolished since he used it so much. I took back the baby boat to Wal-mart today. It just wasn't as sturdy as Colby's old one. As for getting aback into the swing of things, the calender starting to fill up with and Matthew isn't home again tonight.

I'm a happy CLEAN dog

My new yellow tire suit

I'm soooo grownup

I guess this will have to do for my surfboard today

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Lindsay said...

The tire suit is neat, I might have to get that one. Ean is still in the boat and Ben has a baby floaty. Neither of them are super fond of the water though. Sawyer sure looks like he is putting on punds! Cute Pics!!!