Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13th

I have food in my mouth I can't smile MOM
Take a picture of my apple
It seems like latley I've barely had a few moments to post on the blog. I missed one day this week because we've just been doing alot. Also the batteries have been going dead on the camera. I have to change the setting on the Canon but just havn't had time. Everytime I charge up the batteries I have forgotten to change the setting and then the go dead again. We had 8 kids in the pool the other day and all of the cameras had dead batteries. This wasn't counting Colby or another little 10 mth old guy (I was so disappointed that I didn't get all the fun on film) Today Colby and I had a day or at least part of the day to ourselves. Shane was at a playdate at a friends house. (we actually have these scheduled all summer long all 5 year old boys) I know they have lots of fun. Sometimes Colby can tag along but this house has a pool and I know how picky he can be about swimming or the whole pool thing so he and I just did our own thing today. Matthew went bowling and out to lunch with friends. (Now that boy is BUSY) he has something to do just about everyday (Or someone calling with something to do). So much for doing TONS of Math and Science this summer. He has only worked on it a few times. I ended up picking up Matthew, Shane and one of his friends and bringing them home before everyone came over here for lifegroup. I guess I will be getting better pictures later on. We are having a youthgroup party here soon so I have to concentrate on getting this place cleaned up and the new bedroom cleared out so they can use it to play board games. Its supposed to be a Video Game night but we want a NON video game area too.

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Lindsay said...

Too cute! It looks like he is enjoying his apple.

It is always fun when you get one on one time huh?