Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ahhhhh June

Today was one of the first days I felt relaxed in a LOOOOONG time. I had some secretary stuff this morning and then we ate lunch. Colby fell asleep, Matthew went to a friends house and Shane and I went swimming all by ourselves. It was so nice to spend some time alone with Shane. When we got back inside Colby saw that we were still in our swimming suits and wanted to swim. I felt bad, but he will have plenty of opportunities to swim. I didn't get pictures of Shane in our pool, or any of Matthew (AGAIN) I got Shane in his friend Jessica's pool, and I got a video that I posted on YouTube. I didn't do any fancy editing on it but I figured no one would mind.

Click here for the You Tube Swimming Video

Click here for all of the YouTube Videos

(I don't think all of them show up all of the time)

Green Ball Holder
Checkin' the mail

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Kari said...

Colby looks sooo tall!