Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Mima

My Mima and AuntDean Today is my Mima's birthday. (Here she is with my Aunt Dean) Mima is my moms mom. When I was growing up, we saw her just about everyday except for the years we didn't live in Texas. We also lived with her for a big chunks of my life. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. I LOVE YOU MIMA! The kids got a new game called Later Mater. He is from the movie cars. You have to put him together before the timer runs out. Here they are working together. I don't think they could put it together by themselves in time. They had to help each other. I got a clip of Shane playing around today. I know the color isn't the best. I didn't have enough light in the room.

Click here to see the You Tube video.

Hurry before the timer goes off

I got the bumper you get the wheels

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