Sunday, June 11, 2006

June 11th

I didn't get any pictures today. We taught sunday school and then fed all of the kids. Their mom and dad came to get them pretty early. Ted, Colby and I went shopping again for some flipflops. I'm looking for a cute pair with beads and I've been having trouble finding some. Later on in the early evening we all swam which is great, since the pool just gets hotter and hotter each day and pretty soon Ted won't swim with us. Shane wanted to swim so bad since yesterday and we had been holding him off all day pretty much. I caught a clip of the kids eating the sandwiches they helped their dad make. Latley the sound has been off after I load the videos on Youtube. I don't have time to figure it out now. Maybe I can try and figure it out later.

Click here for the Sandwich Clip

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Kari said...

I'm not sure what type of beaded flip flops you want but I saw some at Old Navy... I just happened to be there the other day... which is rare, I know.