Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10th

Click here for the latest Swimming YouTube clip

I'm in a bad mood
Reading about Disney

We have had a pretty exciting day today. Ted took everyone but the littlest one to see Cars. She and I watched Noggin and just played with Sawyer. These girls LOVE Sawyer. He has had a blast with all of the kids running around. When Ted and the kids got home we ate lunch then Matthew and I took off to the library. They all liked cars by the way. TeachingThe only picture I caught of Colby was a grumpy one, and thats him that starts crying at the end of the new video clip. The battery in the camera was also going dead so the picture starts to mess up at the end too. The rest of the day they played, and we all went swimming. Please check out the new skills Shane learned today on our latest YouTube Video.

I love PIZZA
Nose Pinchers


Kari said...

Wow Shane! Way to go!

Lindsay said...

Shane sure is looking tan. Did Coby like the movie too? We are thinking about taking Ean.