Monday, June 12, 2006

PB Burrito

I look mad but I'm not.  I'm just tired of my mom taking pictures of me.
I'm soooo tired
The kids have been eating peanut butter tortillas for lunch latley. They usually eat about 3 each. I fold them in half and only have peanut butter on one half of the tortilla. I know "How exciting?" but believe me if your kids are gobbling something down when they usually flip their food around or try to feed it to the dog them begging for PB Tortillas is great. Also when they eat these Colby is ready for a nap immediatley, Look I am wearing a red shirt, are you suprised? on a normal non pb burrito day he stays up. I guess his body has to work so hard to digest all of that peanut butter. Matthew wasn't here to enjoy pb burritos, he went to work with his dad. I took a quick picture of him tonight for the blog though. Maybe tomorrow something more exciting will happen.

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Lindsay said...

Interesting about the nap thing, I will have to try that with Ean!!!