Wednesday, June 07, 2006

First Class

Watching the Court of Honor

Matthew got his First Class rank last night at Boy Scouts. I added a quick clip of him recieving a merit badge on You Tube also. We are very very very proud of him. This time especially because he is growing up and taking more inciative on completing what he needs to do for Scouts. For those of you familiar with scouting you know those rank requirements are not just playtime. Well it looks like we won't just be sitting around this summer. I looked over our calendar and highlighted all the things we have going on (Just in JUNE so far...) Just a heads up we have alot coming up over the next month and there may even been a week or more that I won't be posting. I know I always say that but this time I really don't think I will be posting. I have gotten lots of pictures of Shane and Colby this week, but Matthew was working with his dad so not many of him. I should be posting some on Flikr later on. Blogger was down most of the day today, I've been trying to post since earlier.

Click here to see the You Tube Scout Clip

I love Merit Badges
Matthew recieving his merit badge

Challenge in a Letter

Matthew and a fellow "New" first class scout recieving a challenge from his Scoutmaster. The letter is about how he is now an older scout and what the troop would expect from him and like to see him accomplish
(I haven't read it yet)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Matthew from another Scouter, your great grandfather.

Stacy said...

Congratulations, Matthew! We're so proud of you.