Friday, November 11, 2005


I'm not sure how you spell that word. If I could pick a word to describe our day thats the word. First of bright and early this morning Matthew tried to win tickets to Disney on Ice from a local radio station. He has been trying all week to win. We had to rush off early to get him to downtown for the Veteran's Day parade which he was marching in. We came home and tivoed the parade and then rushed back to pick him up. I had to drive his Scoutmaster to his car and almost killed him. I ran two stop signs and just was a nervous driver. I guess I do better when no one is watching me drive or giving me directions. I was so embarrassed. After coming home we went back out to take pictures for fun. I think Matthew might take after Ted and I with the camera. We hurried home to watch Lucas. He got the Paparazzi treatment from me (At least that's what Matthew said I was)


Stacy said...

Was a pretty day. Hope ya'll had fun at Forsyth (I recognize the concrete blocks).

Lindsay said...

when is Colby's birthday I know it is coming up?

Lori said...

That's a really neat picture of Matthew. A Photograph of a Photographer.