Thursday, November 17, 2005


I finally got to see pictures of the stickers that The Stereo Guys put on the new van. I've been after Ted to take a picture for weeks now. Luckily Jonathan remembered and took one today. Today when I picked Matthew up from class he looked weird. I thought maybe he was upset about something. When I asked him he said I feel bad, and thats when I noticed his lips were white. He couldn't make it until we drove the 3 miles home. He had to open the car door and get sick on the side of the road. How about that for an adventure in the Odyssey. Oh well he is feeling fine now. Our only concern is we don't want anyone else to get it. Colby and Shane don't do as well with this type of virus. Not to mention Ted doesn't do well at all with viruses like that. We are praying for all of our health around here.

Fine Print:
The Stereo Guys
Preparing Homes for the New Millennium of Entertainment and Automation


Kari said...

the van looks great! I hope Matthews sickness is gone and doesn't spread and that nobody gets sick on the trip!

Lindsay said...

OOOHHHH I hate that sickness, you must live with Moore boys because none of mine do good with it either.

Stacy said...

the van looks really good! Who wouldn't hire The Stereo Guys!!