Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Matthew is studying Vikings this week. He goes to class tomorrow. He spent a good portion of the day working on a Viking Blacksmith shop. He built it to show how Vikings worked, as Blacksmiths. He used some of his playmobil toys to make his scene. Here are some pictures from our day today. it was a stay inside day today. Good for me since the gnats have been out. I still have to go outside with them and make sure they are okay. Even with going outside things still happen. Yesterday Shane was pulling the wagon and Colby was standing up and fell out of the wagon. Later on in the day Shane was showing us some scrapes he got and Colby said "Tooby hurt wagon" translated to "Colby was hurt in the wagon". Today we just had normal tiffs over legos and blocks. When Colby went down for his nap, Shane got some free time with Playdoh.


Kari said...

Lucas is sad he didn't get to play with shane and his play dough

Lindsay said...

Ean and Ben are sad too that they don't get to play with their cousins.

K A R I™ said...

Lucas is ready to play play-doh with Shane now.