Tuesday, November 29, 2005


November 29th 2005 (This afternoon)

It never fails that one of the kids isn't looking when I push the button to take the picture. I got a shot for today after 15 tries. All these shots from the cruise just prove what I am up against. Either someone is ANGRY (Colby) Goofing Off or not Looking (Shane) Sometimes not looking (Matthew) These pictures are funny though. You can catch some really weird expressions sometimes. Don't forget if you want to click on the pictures, you
can see the bigger versions. Yesterday the beach pictures if you click on them if gives you an error. Sorry about that I had to load them onto the blog a different way this time. Today's pictures should be fine though.

Matthew going to the top deck

Shane the Tiger (Painted by Camp Carnival Workers)

Elephant Towel Animal

Swan Towel Animal


Stacy said...

It was worth the 15 poses--how handsome they all look smiling together!

Kari said...

The beach pictures worked fine for me yesterday... I have a hard time getting a baby and a dog to cooperate :) The greatest pictures though are the ones I just happen to catch... I should learn from that because this week I plan on trying to stage a really great christmas picture. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend