Monday, November 14, 2005

This Week

I have lots of stuff to do this week, so I'm not sure if and when I will have time to post. I have a list I've started of just a few things I need to do. My list will grow as the day goes on and I remember all the things that have to be done. This time of year is fun for us. Especially now that we have a 2 year old birthday to celebrate on Thanksgiving. We are all thankful to have him around. He is so funny and its a blessing to watch him becoming who he is. I hope you all are doing well and you are looking forward to Thanksgiving as well. I can't believe that its almost here. This summer just flew by for us. We finally took the pool down this past weekend. It seemed like yesterday when we put it up. Oh and believe me it was much nicer to put it up then to take it down. I understand now why I see all these pools in the trash so many times. Its a pain to clean and rinse out and all that stuff. It was worth it and we all had lots of fun swimming this summer. Some of these pictures, I have posted today are from Friday when we went to the Park.

First off a good start with a Happy Boy

All Clean and Everyone Okay still

Dressing Up together

Cool Moon picture from our Park day

Shane moving as usual.

Photographer Matthew

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Kari said...

i used to hate thanksgiving but I'm looking forward to it since it is Lucas' first one! Also can't wait to celebrate Colby's birthday and Lori's anniversary.