Thursday, November 03, 2005


Snowmen at night

Today after dropping Matthew off at class we ventured out to the Goodwill of course (Usually I come home after that) Every once and awhile I will pop into Walmart and get some groceries or whatever. Today I went to the Mall, Colby and Shane in tow. We looked at a few stores, ate Chick-fil-A in the Food Court. Then we went the library. I even let Colby walk in there (Versus using the stroller) We picked up the book above and many others. We came home for a moment then went back out to Walmart for Milk, Juice and stuff. By that time it was time to pick up Matthew and a friend from school. The friends mom came to our house with her other son Shane's age. I just had time enough to write this quick post. Ted and Matthew will be packing for camping. They leave again tomorrow.

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Kari said...

So did you get that book for you or the boys :)