Sunday, October 15, 2006

3rd Sunday

Privacy is great isn't it
Ted got alot of work done today, he painted trim, molding, and the new desk. He also just got done hanging new blinds in the kitchen. I'll wait to post "NEW OFFICE" pictures when the office finished. I was supposed to help him, but he ended up doing all the work on his own. I did alot of the Kilz stuff yesterday. He also took Colby to the Er on Saturday morning. (See Ted's phone pictures from the ER below) He had a small accident. We had opened up the office (Its usually closed) Colby went in there while Ted was on the phone and I had stepped out of the room for a minute. He stuck his finger in one of the electrical sockets. We didn't know at first. At first we thought he had gotten pinched on something. He pointed to where he stuck his finger and the Dr.s office said to take him to the Emergency room. He had two tiny burn marks. One entrance and one exit wound from the electricity. The Er drs weighed him, took his blood pressure, and put neosporin on him. Now I get to call the Dr. tomorrow to see if we even need to go in for a follow up. All weekend I have been trying to post a video on the web. It is a video of Shane driving a Go Cart. I got it up on Youtube with No sound. I finally got a lower quality video uploaded on Google with sound.

Click here for the video

First visit to the ER with one of ours

Er picture 2

Showing his boo boo

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