Friday, October 27, 2006

October 27th

whistle while you work
This morning I had a dream that a snake was chasing Colby. In my dream he ended up getting bit by a rattlesnake. I could hear the snake hissing and his tail rattling. When I was growing up I was around rattlesnakes alot since we lived right next to the desert. So, that sound is very recognizable. When I opened my eyes Teds face was very close to mine and I realized that his snoring was all of the hissing and rattling in my dream. It was a scary dream, but after I woke up it was funny that the snake was Ted snoring. I have been soooo tired latley. Normally I don't need too much sleep but, we've been working so hard at trying to get the house straightened up I've actually gotten exercise. Matthew had a semi-break from some of his classes last week so he was able to help me lots. Today I got the bathroom all scrubbed out (We are having guests spend the night) Matthew helped in the kitchen and with the kids. One extra set of hands to help does make a difference.

Lisa's secret weapon in quiet play

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