Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 26th

 watching   B A R N E Y
We've all had a pretty interesting day. We've had two little visitors so that has been pretty exciting for all of us. I happened to catch some pictures of a few of the things they did today. I didn't catch pictures of backyard fun. They spent lots of time running and swinging. They also drew lots and lots and colored pictures of Dora (for the girls) and Diego (for the boys). That new table is so great. Its big enough for little kid crafts and I'm sure we will find out lots of other good uses. I am posting one picture of the office. Look at the little kids running in the bottom part of the picture. Ted is hanging the last of the shelves. We still would like a new flat monitor and a little less tool clutter. We are still working on CORDs and getting them hidden and out of the way. Its getting there. We also have to get all of those collectible Matchbox and Dinky cars that we have been storing in the attic to fill the shelves with.

Playdoh friends

Hanging shelves


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