Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend in Helen

Group Shot
Hot Tub time
We just got back from an annual family gathering in Helen, Georgia. We stayed in the same WONDERFUL cabin we had last year. This year we took one of Matthew's friends also. Check back this week, for some video clips. Ted got some of the kids riding go carts and bumper boats. I'll take out some time to edit those and get them up. I had a great relaxing time. Colby ended up being fussy alot of the weekend, so I spent alot of time with him in the cabin ALONE! We even got to have the jaccuzzi all to ourselves. We only stayed in a few minutes since he is still young and I didn't want him to overheat. After that he fell asleep for a nap and I watched HGTV and the Food Network. I haven't gotten to watch those channels much before, and I relaxed and started making myself a necklace with Black seed beads. In case thes pictures look familiar, these are practically repeats of the pictures we took last year. I thought it would be neat to take the same pictures over to see how much everyone has changed. Colby hadn't even had his first haircut yet. The only thing we missed this year was having Aggie with us, like she was last year. I'll be adding more Helen pictures tomorrow. For the links to the OLD pictures from last year click below.

Helen 2005 family

Helen 2005 us

Helen 2005 the cabin

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