Monday, October 09, 2006

Moore details from Helen

Big Kids Room

Little Kids room

Eating in the cabin

I didn't get a chance to edit any video because I had errands to run and a baby shower to go to. Ted got home a little early so I got to shop KID free. AHHHH what a joy that can be. No matter how we try to divide or whatever, whichever one of the kids I end up taking is the one to give me problems that day. Last time I tried to take Colby by himself to Sams he cried because of something about the cart. Shane is hopping through the store touching everything, and asking a bazillion questions. Matthew is okay by himself (For the most part on most days) but add a brother and they all fight. Anyways back to my kid free shopping time. I ended up getting the stuff I needed and came home to make a snack for the baby shower I went to tonight. So, that is where my free time (If there ever is free time) went today. I only found a few minutes late this evening to load pictures on Flickr and post. I promise I will get around to the video but just not tonight. The pictures above are: 1. Big Kids in the 2nd Bedroom 2. Little kids in the room we made them in the HUGE walk in closet 3. Us eating at the cabin in Helen

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