Friday, October 13, 2006

October 13th

Put your money where your mouth is

Just broke out of the mange

We've been collecting old Cowboy stuff and have had these leather frames for awhile. We finally finished staining the shevles we bought a long time ago and put all of the Cowboyish type stuff on the shelves and hung it up in the Playroom. The playroom's theme is supposed to be western, we just have a few things that are western, but one day I'm sure it will be filled with stuff. I put a Cowboy picture of Matthew from preschool in the smallest frame and I have two other pictures that I think I will put in the other frames. Mcdonalds drive thru toy has been the thing latley. All the kids got it out last night at our lifegroup and Shane and Colby got it back out today. Colby didn't want to move the card from in front of his mouth thats what the grumpy lip picture is all about. Also maybe my neighbors have seen my blog because they put TIGGER up today. The kids were so excited. Shane said yeah they put Tigger back up.Colby kept saying I love Tigger he is my friend. Mommy why did they put that Monster up in their yard (He was talking about the Gargoyle)They still have the Gargoyle up in the main part of the yard. Now Tigger is off to the side. By the way Brandi, Ted says hi. You made him feel like a celebrity, next time ask for his autograph. He feels a little Blurbolike. I'll recognize you when I see you, and I'll ask for your autograph.

Typical Fast Food attitude

Wave and Big Smile

We have missed you Tigger!

Matthew in conversation

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